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Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I skate? When you choose to enroll your family in the LRFSC, we offer you the Learn To Skate USA program which is the skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating. The Learn To Skate USA group classes and family skating times are held on Wednesdays (6:15 - 8:30 pm) and Sundays (3:00-6:30pm). A coach will place your skater in a Basic Skills group at the beginning of the season based on their current ability. Please check the LRFSC Information Board or SCHEDULES  for your skaters lesson time. If you do not see your skaters name on the board please contact us .

Can I take private lessons? Yes. Private lessons are arranged with the club coaches. Any club member may take private lessons after paying the Morning Practice Ice Fee. Taking private lessons does not mean that you must compete or test. 

Can I skate any other time than Family Skate times? Yes. Members who pay the Morning Practice Ice Fee can also skate during LRFSC morning practice ice times. Please see SCHEDULES for practice ice schedules. A practice ice schedule will also be posted by the Devils Lake Park Board at the Burdick Arena.

We do not live in the Devils Lake school district, can we join LRFSC? YES. You do not need to live within the Devils Lake school district to be a member of LRFSC.  

When should I enroll my skater in private lessons? Sometimes private lessons can help a Basic Skills skater pass a level sooner or serve as an added help on any skill a skater may want to improve upon. If your skater would like to begin competing, they will need to take private lessons. Taking private lessons does not mean that you must compete however.

Can my Basic Skills skater compete? Yes. LRFSC does participate in Basic Skills competitions. You will need to enroll your skater in private lessons after paying the Morning Practice Ice Fee. This is a great way to introduce your skater to competing!

When is the right time to start competing? The age which your skater starts competing depends upon the skater because individual competition does require private lessons and more practice time. Lake Region Figure Skating Club does participate in Basic Skills competitions. Therefore, a skater can begin competing at the snowplow level. If your skater is interested in trying competition in a larger group/team atmosphere, we also have competitive synchronized team skating. Competitive synchro teams are for skaters that are Basic 4 levels and above. At the beginning of each season we will hold an information meeting for skaters that are interested in competing. Coaches and parents with competitive skaters are a great source for information about competitions. You can also contact a board member at any time with questions.

What is the 24-hour rule? The 24-hour rule is outlined in your Code of Conduct included with your LRFSC Handbook. The 24-hour rule states that if a coach, skater or parent has a dispute that needs to be discussed (except in an emergency situation), the coach/parent/skater must wait 24-hours before approaching that person by phone, email or in person. This allows all parties a "cool down" period. The 24-hour rule does not apply in cases of bullying. If your child is being teased or bullied in any way we ask that you contact a board member or coach immediately.  

Does my skater need to wear a helmet? LRFSC STRONGLY recommends that new skaters wear protective gear, including helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.

Does my skater have to participate in the Ice Show and/or Exhibitions? No. We encourage all skaters to be a part of the shows but it is not a requirement.

Who has priority on the ice? Skaters in a lesson have first priority on the ice, followed by skaters doing their program. During Learn To Skate USA group lessions, 1/3 of the rink will be held for skaters in lessons. The other 2/3 will be open for family skating.

When I pay the Family Membership, who can skate? The family membership includes 2 parents or legal guardians and all children in the immediate family. All family members MUST be registered prior to entering the ice. LRFSC has received requests in the past for extended family such as grandparents/aunts/uncles to skate during Family Skate. Unfortunately, due to liability issues, we cannot allow extended family or friends who are not registered with our program on the ice during Family Skate. LRFSC will try to offer one "Bring a Buddy" night during the season, however, the guest and guest's parent/guardian must fill out LRFSC liability forms prior to entering the ice.

How can I stay updated on schedule changes? Frequently check the LRFSC Information Board at the Burdick Arena. The website will also be updated but may not always have up-to-date schedule changes. If you have any questions about schedules please feel free to contact a board member at any time. Also - please remember to add us on Facebook. We will frequently post updates on Facebook and it allows club members to share photos, video and comments.  

I am having a problem with another skater, what do I do? Please let one of the coaches and/or a board member know IMMEDIATELY.

What is the Endowment Fund and how do I contribute? The endowment fund was set up to guarantee LRFSC the financial means to support a professional instructor for the club. The club receives only the interest from the fund, therefore, as the fund continues to grow the benefits increase. The interest that the club receives pays only a very small amount of coaching fees, therefore, we do ask that club members participate in additional fundraising activities. Club members have an opportunity to contribute to the fund prior to the show each year. You will notice on your membership dues sheet that there is a line for donations. if you donate to the endowment fund, you will be presented with 6 free passes to the spring ice show to use for yourself or others. If you would like to donate to the fund, please see a board member.

Do I have to participate in fundraisers? Yes. All club members are asked to participate in fundraisers.

Where can I buy the LRFSC warm-up jackets and pants? The club warm-ups are NOT required for Basic Skills skaters. If you would like to purchase the warm-up they are available on-line.  Please see the link listed on the Membership page. The warm-up jacket is required for competitive synchro skaters.  

What should I wear? Skaters should wear clothing that is comfortable and warm. Clothing should allow for adequate movement. Competitive skaters should wear skating dresses or skirts with tights or other skating clothing approved by a coach. Pajama pants, jeans, or other inappropriate clothing is not acceptable for competitive skaters. Synchro teams will be required to follow a dress code.

We are new to competing, where do we buy competition dresses? There are several companies on the web who sell figure skating dresses. These companies can be found by doing a search for figure skating dresses and/or figure skating apparel. The Lake Region also has some very talented seamstresses who are able to sew figure skating costumes and dresses. Many of our competitiors are also willing to borrow dresses and costumes or sell outgrown dresses/costumes. We try to have a dress sale during the season to allow skaters to bring their used items to sell. We will also post items for sale on our website and/or the LRFSC bulletin board.


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