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Advanced Skating

The Lake Region Figure Skating Club provides skaters with additional instructional opportunities if they wish to advance their skating skills beyond the Basic Skills curriculum or even just to help a Basic Skills skater learn specific skills. Morning ice is available for private lessons with our skating coaches to help skaters individually with their skating skills.

When your skater chooses to enter the competitive phase of figure skating, the amount of time and money you invest increases but the rewards can be great. Additional costs include private lessons, entry fees in competitions as well as more time spent on the ice and traveling expenses. Skaters compete and test their skills against skaters with similar skill levels from around the state and region. Skaters begin the path to competition or USFS testing by taking private lessons which are used to prepare a skater for these higher levels of skating.

Basic Skills Competitions are a great way to introduce young skaters to competition. The competition is open to all beginner skaters who are registered members in a U.S. Basic Skills Program. They are designed to promote a positive competition experience at the basic level.

The U.S. Figure Skating Association is the governing body for figure skating and regulates the rules to the sport. The Lake Region Figure Skating Club is a member club and therefore abides by the rules established by the USFSA.

Synchronized skating is also a great way to try out competitive figure skating in a team setting.

You may have many questions as you enter the phase of competitive figure skating. The best way to stay informed is to ask coaches, parents and skaters who have experience in this field. If you are interested in learning more about competitive skating, we encourage non-competing club members to attend local competitions to support our skaters who are participating and also see first-hand a skating competition in action.

For further information, please contact the Skating Director or any Board Director for further assistance.


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